Infusion Services

Where we bring quality care to your home. With licensed and experienced nurses across all 159 counties in Georgia, Nightingale Infusion provides personal, professional care in the most familiar and comfortable setting– your home.

Affordable and Convenient 

At Nightingale Infusion, we understand the challenges of seeking medical treatment at an office or hospital. That’s why we offer quality intravenous (IV) infusion care in the home as a more affordable and convenient alternative. Our goal is to make healthcare accessible without compromising on the standard of care you deserve.

Safe and Effective 

Our skilled nurses administer infusion medications directly in the patient’s home, ensuring safe and effective care. By providing personalized nursing care away from the hospital, patients can mitigate the risk of dangerous infections and avoid the burden of high medical bills. Nightingale Infusion prioritizes your safety and well-being, delivering quality care with your comfort in mind. 

Discover The Benefits Of Home Infusion Therapy With Nightingale Infusion Services

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Compassionate and personalized care for individuals undergoing chemotherapy in the comfort of their homes.

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Nutritional Support (TPN)

Specialized nutritional support delivered through IV therapy for patients with specific dietary needs.

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Drug Therapies

Administering various medications through IV, ensuring precise and effective treatment.


Hydration Therapies

Providing essential fluids through IV to maintain hydration levels for overall well-being.

IV Antibiotics

IV/IV Antibiotics

Targeted administration of antibiotics through IV, promoting efficient and focused treatment.

Infusion Services

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Q&A: Infusion Services

What types of Infusion services do you offer?

We offer a variety of infusion services, including antibiotic therapy, hydration therapy, pain management, nutritional support, immunoglobulin therapy, and more. Our skilled nursing staff delivers these treatments safely and comfortably in the comfort of our clients’ homes, minimizing the need for hospital visits and enhancing convenience. 

How do you ensure the safety and efficacy of Infusion treatments?

We adhere to strict protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of our infusion treatments. Our nursing staff is highly trained in infusion therapy techniques and follows rigorous infection control procedures to minimize the risk of complications. Additionally, we collaborate closely with healthcare providers to monitor clients’ progress and adjust treatment plans as needed for optimal outcomes. 

Can I receive Infusion therapy at home if i'm currently hospitalized?

In many cases, yes. We understand that transitioning from hospital to home can be challenging, especially for clients requiring ongoing infusion therapy. Our team works closely with hospitals and healthcare providers to facilitate seamless transitions and arrange for in-home infusion services when appropriate. We strive to make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible for our clients.